Can I add textbox outside a data container?

I want to have a textbox above my datagrid outside the data container. Also want to two buttons on click of which, two different microflows will be called. I will add some text in text box and click either of these buttons. According to the clicked button/executed microflow, I want to refresh the data in grid (which internally calls another microflow). How can I get the text entered in text box and pass it as  a parameter to microflows of button 1 and button 2 ? Is it possible to create this textbox independent of some dataview ?   Note : I don’t want to use ‘Text Box Search’ because it requires persistable entity and in my case, I have kept my entity non-persistable because I am using microflow (which internally calls REST API) to show fetch data from some server.      
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You can’t have a textbox without a data view. So you’ll want to create a non persistent entity as a ‘helper’ object for your functionality containing some attributes which you can use for your text boxes.

This way you can also pass these as parameters if your microflow buttons are inside of the dataview.