Create multiple objects in same screen

Hi there, I have two tables Parent and Child. Both have ID column and it is many to 1 relationship like below image. I need to create a parent ID and move to the next screen to create a Child ID for the parent ID which I created in the previous screen. I can able to do this with microflow for one time but I need to repeat adding child ID for previous screen parent ID multiple times. How can I do that? Creating Parent ID and passing it to child ID screen flow: Submitting Child ID flow:    
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You can continue creating child objects for that parent in the same flow, and in order to display them you will need to change your page.

You’ll need to pass the parent to the page, and in the parent’s data view you can add a listview of child objects via association – this should display all your children objects. 

I suggest going through the Mendix academy courses for examples and best practices.

Hope this helps