Lower case object names. Bug or feature?

Good morning, I just realized that Mendix 7.23.3 is writing the default object names now starting with a lowercase character. That’s new and was always different. Now it’s more like in java where your object names usually start with a lower case character. Do you think it is a bug and should be reported? Or is it a feature and is supposed to be like this? What do you think? Update It does not seem to be the default behavior. I only see it in an application I just upgraded to Mendix 7.23.3 All other applications are still showing the “old” default behaviour.
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Are you talking about variable names in microflows? If so, maybe someone switched a setting:

  • Double click the Settings node in the project explorer
  • Go to the ‘Modeler’ tab
  • Check the status of “Suggest lower-case variable names in microflows”