Where to find attributes value in Subscribing for events from a device form IBM Watson IoT Platform using MQTT Client module

I have simulated device on IBM Watson IoT platform and i want subscribe to messages in my mendix app. I want my mendix app to recieve sensor data readings(Events) it has submitted to watson IoT Platrform. I have insalled MQTTClient module in mendix when I add MQTT Subscribe in Mendix microflow it asks me for attributes like: Broker host Broker port Broker organization Timeout Username Password Topic name On Message Microflow CA  Client Certificate QoS   where do i find my broker host, broker port …… etc.???
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You will find all the infos required by the MQTT module in your IBM Watson console.

Follow the tutorial here: https://cloud.ibm.com/docs/services/IoT?topic=iot-platform-getting-started#getting-started

In Step 2 Connect your device, it explains:


URL: org_id.messaging.internetofthings.ibmcloud.com

→ This is the Broker host


  • 1883
  • 8883 (encrypted)
  • 443 (websockets)


Device ID: d:_org_id:device_type:deviceid

The broker organisation

User name: use-token-auth

Password: Authentication token

Event topic format: iot-2/evt/_event_id/fmt/formatstring

Topic name


If you use the uncrypted port (1883) you can set the certificate options to ‘empty’.

For the timeout, set the value that suits you the best. If I’m correct, it is in seconds.


Hope it will help you!