Scheduled Event Not behaving as usual

Hi Mendix Community, We have a scheduled event that runs once a day. It looks for all bookings that are due for collection tomorrow and sends out an email and SMS’s to the customer to let them know a collection will be made. It has been working as intended for some time but recently (we can’t figure out when it started) it’s sending out the emails and SMS’s two days early instead of one. Its caused a bit of an issue as the email and SMS states your collection will be made tomorrow when in fact it’s the day after that. Here is the Scheduled event microflow below. Are we doing something wrong here?        
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Just a thought of mine:

Could it be due to the switch from Wintertime to Summertime (Daylight Savings)?

Perhaps your date-time variable that determines when to send out the communication ends up a day too early, because of this. Not too sure, but might be worthwhile to look into.