Showing single messag eonly for emoty values

I have a micrflow as follows step-1 where create string variable “Checkinfo is as follows” if $Values/A = empty or $Values/A = '' then 'Missing A'  else  if $Values/B = empty or $Values/B = '' then 'Missing B'  else if $Values/C = empty or $Values/C = '' then 'Missing C'  else if $Values/D= empty or $Values/D='' then 'Missing D'  else  empty  step-2  exclusive splitcheck $CheckInfo = empty   -in step-3  i tried to show one message as follows   if any of the value is empty it should be shown to user but with a single message not one by one message , but it is showing all values regardless of empty or not empty, I only want to show the empty values in a single message that “ following values are empty ….. , how i can do it in aloop or using any temporary entity?
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The mistake you make is that you want to do it all in the show message action. What you should do is create one string beforehand and fill that string. Because then you can use the if then statements in that string. In the message action you then only have to show that single string and nothing else.