Refresh dataview after changing object

Hi,  I have a problem with reloading a dataview: On a page, the dataview source is retrieved by an microflow. I made a button which sends me to a popup, where I change this object. After committing the change and closing the popup, I would like to see that the dataview is automatically refreshing, so the new object is shown. I've tried with change object (refresh) and with the community commons (refreshclass and refreshclass by object), however nothing works. Only when I reload the page manually I see the new object in the dataview. Is there a possibility that I can run the microflow (source of the dataview) again after committing the change? Or is there another way to fix this?   Thanks in advance!
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Hello Pieter,

The easiest way to solve this is to use a dataview populated by context:

  1. When calling the page instead call a microflow that creates/retrieves/calculates any necessary data, i.e. what you are currently doing in your dataview MF
  2. Call the page using that MF
  3. When applying your pop-up logic refresh the object 

The dataview should now refresh.

Hope this helps


Hi Pieter,

In the popup close microflow, you could (retrieve and) refresh the context/input object for you dataview, this will retrigger the datasource microflow