Pass variable along with object to new page

A somewhat specific situation that I am struggling to get to work: I have redesigned the default NewAccount and SaveNewAccount microflows to create a somehwat custom registration process. Instead of just closing the page after saving the new account I prompt a 'Show Page’ which is a form asking for address details. I've created a new Address objects to pass to the new page, but the problem is that I need the username of the newly created account. What I tried is created a variable that holds this value, but how do I pass it along with the object? This is what my microflow looks like: Variable 'username’ holds " $Account/Name ” and 'NewAdres’ is the object passed to the Show Page at the end. The reason I need the username in the new page is so I can map it (as selectable object) in that form so the new address information is linked to that user How can I achieve this?
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Try to set the association from address to user in object 'NewAdres’ instead of a selectable object.