Filtering in a list operation with enumeration value.

Hi everyone,  I’m trying the learning path ‘Create an App with Advanced Page Building’.  At module 4.5.2 a list ‘filter’ operation is used to create a second list filtered down on the enumeration value ‘Status’ equal to ‘Approved’. However, I’m not sure what the expression to make this happens should look like. I would expect the ability to select any of the Status values I assigned. Does someone have suggestions on how to handle this issue? Thanks in advance!
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In the learning path, it says “ Add a List operation activity to the microflow. Use it to create a second list, based on the list with all Requests. Only now filtered down on the Status ‘Approved’. “
I think it should be

<name of your enumeration>.Approved

Start typing and hit CTRL+Space to see suggestions.


Hi there,


A quick update on nowadays value: "Expenses.Request_Status.Approved"


Hope it helps some folks with the same issue :)