Difference between local and cloud - listview not working correctly

Hi guys, I’m kind off new to Mendix and usually I try to find/learn an answer by myself but with this I can’t find (it seems) a solution or some pointers.  I have a page loading a listview with a microflow, a data view listening to that list and another nested list in the dataview sourced with a MF, as it’s shown below:    Running the app locally, the 2 nested lists are populated with the data that I want.  The association is many to one as in many objects from entity Timesheet is associated with one object from entity Candidate.  Is there something I’m missing about listview working differently in sandbox?   Could this be approached different?  Thank you     
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Listviews work that same no matter what environment you are using.

Could it be that the data simply is not available in your sandbox, while it is available locally?

Be aware that deploying your app in the sandbox (or licensed node) will only update your model and not you data.

Try and see what happens when you connect the debugger from the sandbox to your local modeler. I expect this will give you a clue on what is causing this difference.