Expressions on date and time

in a exclusive split expression i want to check if a form is genereated before 8:30 am. i tried to use  ((parseDateTime($Application/StartTimeNew,'HH:mm'))<(parseDateTime('8:30','HH:mm')) but it gives an error. is there anyway to get this?
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It works perfectly fine.

If the error you are getting is in the Mendix Modeler Error(s) window then the issue you are facing is probably because your variable $Application/StartTimeNew is not a string.

On the other hand, if the error you are getting is in the runtime log, then it is probably an issue with your string (an empty string for example, or a string not in the specified format).

Please share the error you are getting to enable us to help you efficiently.


NOTE: Keep in mind that parseDateTime produces a DateTime variable, and when the date is not specified it will default to 1970-01-01. Just keep it in mind in case you’re using the function somewhere else to compare a string time with a DateTime variable.