How to update password field in the database

I am quite new to Mendix. I am going through basic Add,update,Delete. I have created one domain model and trying to register user. Login and register are successfully done but i am facing problem with the update. Let say i have a link named Forgot Password and by clicking on that link i will be redirected to new page which asks for emailid and passord here the password will be new password. As per my understanding if you need to update existing record you need to use Change Object. but i am not able to do it. Can anybody help?
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Do you have the proper access rights to update the password field? For an idea on how to change a password, check these 2 examples:

  1. In the default Administration Module look at how a new user account is created or what happens when you go to your own account and press the Change Password button.
  2. Check out the ForgotPassword module, since it kinda already does exactly what you seem to be building.