Data source Microflow called over and over again, even after reaching end event, without any obvious reason

I know the title doesn’t make much sense, but really, neither the problem I face does. I have a page with multiple data grids that use microflows as data source. One (and only one) of them seems to be called over and over again, even though it arrives at its end event normally. I don’t receive any error from that. The data grid is filled as supposed to from the microflow. The way I noticed this “infinite loop” was by using a breakpoint which popped up over and over again even after the end event was reached. Does anyone had any similar problem ever? 
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An obvious reason for this happening would be if your DS-microflow contains a refresh for the object that contains the datagrid that is backed by the DS-microflow.

Whether or not the refresh of an object also triggers a refresh in the datagrids it contains is something that changes in every other Mendix version, so I would not be surprised if that is the case in 7.13.1.