Pass a variable to a submicroflow then change it there

I tried to create a variable in a microflow, then pass it on to a submicroflow and change the variable in the submicroflow. Am I correct that changing the variable in the submicroflow is not possible or am I missing something? The ‘change variable’ action does not give the parameter as an option. Thank you in advance for your answer. (actual Mendix Modeler version 7.19.1)
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If you want to pass a local variable to a submicroflow you need to create a new variable in the sub microflow and fill it with the parameter. Then you can change that variable and in the end let that variable be the result and pass it back to the main microflow.





You could also consider passing a non-persisted object into the sub-microflow. You’ll be able to change attributes on this object in the subflow and those changes will be seen in the outer microflow as well.