DateTime Picker blocks time on every day, not just the selected day

Hi all, I am currently trying to create a time slot booking system, similar to a restaurant booking system. I am using the DateTime Picker from the app store. I have got the part working where it greys out days that have been fully booked. I did this by setting up a counter which increases with each successful booking for that day. However, when I tried a similar approach for the slots itself, 15 minute slots, I found that it blocks out any slot exceeding the threshold for every day, not just the selected day. For example, if I fully book the slot 13:15 on the 8th, it also blocks it out on any other day, i.e. the 15th. In the microflow which retrieves a list of times to grey out, I managed to have it look only at the date which has been selected in the date part of the picker, however if I change the date it does not refresh the list and keeps blocking out the times selected by the first selected date. I just want it to block out only those slots that have been fully booked for that day and not those from other days. Does anybody know how to achieve this or if it is even possible with this widget? If anything is not clear enough please let me know and I will try to explain better.
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Showing dates –  this microflow gets a list of dates to show in the future (set by admin)  It also checks for any bookings and doesn’t show dates that are fully booked. It also checked for blocked dates (bank holidays set in admin)

Showing slots – this microflow checks the slots for that date and only shows the available ones. 

Below are some pictures showing how the page works. You could style this to your use case. This is a brief overview obviously there is a bit more to how this functions but i hope it helps you. 


I tried to use this widget to create an app similar to what you are doing by the sounds of it. Couldn’t get it to work in the end I went with a different solution.

My use case might be different to yours but each day had 8 slots at specific times. I have a page where you select the date. I then check the bookings and check which slots are taken and then only show the slots available.

If you need me to go into more detail on how I achieved this just let me know.