1 day delay when converting from string into date

Hi everyone !  I am getting a date from an API in a string field, and when I try to put it into my object date attribute (or even when I create first a date variable and put it into), I see that the date taken is one day before the actual date (for example 30/05/2019 instead of 31/05/2019). Here is what I do in order to convert this string into date :  parseDateTime($ExchangeRate/Date, 'yyyy-MM-dd') Where $ExchangeRate/Date is a string that contains the date in a string format. If I put this code in a new date attribute, the problem mentioned appears.   Could someone help me to resolve this ?  Thanks !
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On the entity that has the target attribute, check to see if that date attribute is localized.  If so, you are probably seeing a localized version of the date.  For instance if the date you receive is June 1 2019 at 2:00AM UTC and your date is localized to US Eastern Time, you would see the date as May 31 2019 at 8:00PM.

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