datasource microflow parameter empty after calling the page trough MF

Hello everyone, I’m encountering the following problem. I have a mircoflow that ends in a show page action which passes an object to this page. That page contains a reference selector which has its selectable objects set with a MF datasource because I want it to show both database and associated objects (xpath datasource only shows objects from database). The parameter of the datasource microflow is the same object that is passed by the microflow of step one. In the debugger I can see the object being properly passed to the page. But in the subsequent datasource microflow the parameter object remains empty.   In loading pages does the mendix runtime execute microflows before loading the object that is supposed to be passed? Does anyone have experience with this or how to solve it? Cheers, Robin
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Finally managed to fix it.

The problem was a deletion of a object that was associated to the page parameter object. Deletion behavior had been wrongly set up cause that delete action to also delete the parameter object.