Data review/Edit App

I want to be able to take data that is imported into my app and be able to review the data and correct errors in the data.  My idea was to make a microflow that takes the data into a form that you can edit, then have that data be saved into another form that can be exported.  There will be a lot of different objects to be reviewed and edited so i dont want to have to go through one at a time i want it to be able to be a continuous process you can start and stop.  I cant figure out how to make a microflow that would do what im wanting however. Any tips?
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What about adding a flag to your records, saying if it was already reviewed or not. Now you could have a review/debug page with a datagrid that is only showing the unedited records (Retrieve by xpath).

Now you have an overview, showing al unedited records. This is a good starting point for edit pages. You could also have a button to mark a record es edited (Maybe there is nothing to do) … Your fantasy defines the limit :-)

On another page, you could have the same overview with an xpath doing the opposite (Only showing edited records). This overview could again be exported.