Replacing reference set selector add button with microflow action button

Hi all, I have a reference set selector where i can add multiple attribute values with the “add” button, now i want to replace that with a microflow button, what is the right way to do this ? When I show the form (in the microflow) and select an option from the list, the selection is not displayed in the Reference Set Selector panel.
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So far so good, you added the micrflow-button, called the microflow, opened the Select form and show the options. Now upon selecting an option from the list, you have to call the Change-activity for the parent-object and Add the selected child-object to the parent-object. Therby having Type set to ‘Add’. after this you add the ‘Close page’ activity and you should see the selected option being added to your parent-object.

Here is an example (without closepage):