Microflow question

Hi, I am newbie and completed developer training. Trying to create an app and created the following workflow. First action is to retrieve the list of objects from the DB and the show a page/wizard with those list of objects. However the list of objects that are output from the Retrieve action are not showing to pass as input (objects to pass, drop down list). What is the trick? I searched in the docs. etc but no clue so far. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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The reason for this is because you can only pass a single object to your page.

There’s a couple of ways you can work around this.

You can create a ‘context’ object to which you associate all of your retrieves. And then pass this context object. On the page you can then retrieve over association. (or from database if you committed the objects with the association)

Or you can do the retrieve you currently did in a datasource as microflow.

Can you show us your page and domain model?  Then we check what would be the best solution for the requirement that you’re trying to fulfill.


You cannot pass a list to a page, only a single object, that’s your problem.

2 solutions:

1 – Retrieve the objects via Database or XPath or Microflow datasource directly from the datagrid datasource in your page


2 – If you really need to do some actions in the microflow before showing the page:

  • In your Domain Model, make sure your have 2 entities: Entity A (your context object) -------- Entity B (your results)
  • In your page, add a DataView with datasource type Context, and you select Entity A
  • Within the Dataview, you add a Datagrid, with datasource Association, and you select Entity B with the association between Entity A and Entity B
  • In your microflow, associate your lists to an Entity A, and pass this Entity A object to your page