REST Services Module - cannot open page from published REST POST microflow.

I have published a microflow as a REST POST using the ‘CreateMicroflowService’ of the REST services module. The purpose is to receive the XML response from an external payment and process the response. I can receive the response, use an import mapping to parse it, and process the relevant data. The issue I have is that I cannot open a page or seemingly navigate away from the REST POST microflow. I thought the issue may be related to security roles, but even a blank page with no data will not open. Microflow Diagram        
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Your current setup will never work: the published service is executed in a different context from your user.

What could work is to add a polling mechanism in your user flow and redirect the user from there, e.g.

  1. User submits payment information
  2. User is redirected to a page. This page tried to refresh an object (e.g. using the MicroflowTimer widget)
  3. Information is received from the payment provider
  4. The information is saved in the database
  5. The microflow from the MicroflowTimer widget is executed (again)
  6. The microflow finds the information in the database
  7. You redirect the user to a new page, and is shown (somehow) the information from the payment provider