Insert data with a while loop

Hi,  I want to create temporary data from a MF with 2 parameters, startdate and stopdate. All dates between becomes records in a table. Later i will do things with the data. I cannot find a way to use a ‘while stopdate < startdate’ loop or something like that. I can only loop trough a dataset (entity) but that is not what i want.  
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Hi Edwin,

You can create a date variable (IteratorDate for example) and set its value to the startdate and then check (using an exclusive split) if the date is smaller than or equal to stopdate:

  •  true goes to an activity (that you want to perform, create object for example) and then increments the date variable that you have created earlier (IteratorDate), and then goes back to a merge that is placed before the first exclusive split.
  • false goes to the end of the microflow.


Something similar to this:

Model Share - Date Iterator Loop Example