Create a TimeSeries Chart using Json Data from REST API ( hosted in a springboot application )

Hello, I am trying to find how to create a TimeSeries Chart from data ( which is in below pasted json array structure ) received as part of a Rest API Call in a microflow.   [{     "travel_speed": 4.156226430512566,     "operating_swing_pressure": 3037.3384895754893,     "swingSpeed": 8.878329443053328,     "_time": "2019-06-07T05:14:53.298Z" }, {     "travel_speed": 3.955766662307734,     "operating_swing_pressure": 3029.562508401721,     "swingSpeed": 8.004678509387553,     "_time": "2019-06-07T05:14:42.855Z" }, {     "travel_speed": 0.3621661040341446,     "operating_swing_pressure": 2900.252679021599,     "swingSpeed": 6.051235362150401,     "_time": "2019-06-07T05:14:32.410Z" } ]   Above data is a Json Array with no root node identifier. just an array of above 4 variables. I want to draw separate lines for each of the above variables once my microflow is executed inside which I am calling the Rest API.  I am able to call the API successfully and receive the JSON data. but could not understand how to plot a chart using these values.  My Root entity after import mappings were created is connected to JSONObject with above 4 variables but my root node is not having any attributes. I followed the Rest API Call with wikipedia api as a starting point for this.     Above is the problem. When i try to draw aany chart with TimeSeriesData as the entity, since it doesnt have any attributes, i cant give X or Y axis details. And they are mandatory.
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Have a look here: