Combining data based on their month?

Suppose we have this data – 1/ 2/ 2019 = 1 2/2/2019 = 2 3/3/2019 = 3 4/3/2019 = 4 Now say we want to combine data based on their month,  such as for feb = 3, march = 7 and so on.. How do we do that?
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HI Mahima,

Not sure I fully understand the question here, but it sounds like you essentially want to convert a date into an integer and then use that integer for additional calculations?

A good place to start would be to use the format date/time function. Some nice documentation found here

Here is an example of what you could try




The output of this was “07”. Of course just substitute [%CurrentDateTime%] in the example with your attribute. This also outputs a string value, if you need an integer in order to perform additional calculations you can wrap the above with a ‘parseInteger’ function:


Hope this helps!




If you have a list of objects with attributes Date and Quantity, then in a micrflow first create a new list MonthTotals with Month (integer) and Total (integer),  you loop over the first list and in the loop get the month of the Date like Micah describes and based on the resulting month you add the Quantity to the MonthTotals. 



Do you want to retrieve all the objects within a certain month count them and display this figure for each month?

If so i do this here for the last 6 months of data for each month and display it in a bar chart. However it may apply to you :)

Model share for miroflow