How to change color of text dynamically (from microflow call)?

Hi, I am working on consuming rest api in mendix. I have one rest api which give me one unit value that i need to show on ui and 2nd api which give me the list of object which contain max and min values. I have written two microflows to consume these rest api. Microflow to get object of unit from which i am extracting value if unit and rendering as text on ui Microflow to get object which contain max and min value The value i get in 1st microflow if it is between the range of min and max value of 2nd microflow then i need to give green color to my text on ui and if it is not is range it should be red. It’s like withing threshold and over threshold. How can i achieve this?Is there any way? I tried to call 2nd microflow in 1st but it differs in input parameter so getting error.  thought of Dynamic classes also but it is not working in this case. Thought of visibility also but on microflow control i can not set visibility here. TIA.   Regards, Swati.
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how we do this kind of UI is with conditional visibility.

copy the text, and give one a css class that makes it green (alert alert-success)
give the other a class to make it red (alert alert-warning)


its not the greatest way, but it is the easiest “all mendix” way.
additionally you could use the conditional classes widget that can be found in the appstore.