addDays, addWeeks from March to April is strange

Hi, I don’t know if I’m missing something or someone else has already encountered this (didn’t find it on searching it). I tried to use a simple function, 2 actually. addDays($Period/EndDate, 28) --→ where EndDate is actually 24.03.2019 and it should result in 21.04.2019 but instead I get 22.04.2019. Strangely, on the other months, let’s say from 21.04.2019 plus 28 days I get 19.05.2019 which is what I wanted.  Then I tried addWeeks ($Period/EndDate, 4) -→ where from 24.03 I end up with 22.04 and on the other months it just works normal.  What am I missing?  I tried also UTC version of this and I still get the same… Thank you, any help is appreciated.
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This may have something to do with British Summer Time and the clocks going forward an hour. This occurs on the last Sunday in March and the clocks go back to normal on the last Sunday in October. 



I cannot reproduce your issue. Works on my machine, also with your testdata (sorry).

Do some more testing and see if you get the same result:

  • subtract days.
  • try to assign your user a different timezone