Progress bar (or circle) for long-running microflow

I would love to give my users more feedback on how long a long-running microflow will take. The various progress bars (and circle!) in the app store looked perfect for this because I could show the percentage complete. Unfortunately, after trying for hours with almost all of the options in the app store, I was unable to use them to show the percentage. I assume this is because microflows run in transactions and only commit at the end.   How can I give my users a microflow’s percentage done that updates periodically? If the progress bar apps in the app store aren’t for doing that what use case were they created for? Thank you!
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The name ‘progress bar’ is misleading since it is not showing the progress that the proces at hand is making. It only shows that it is busy.

Only way I know to simulate a progress bar with showing the progress% is to end a microflow after x steps, show the progress at the frontend and somehow continue with the rest, for instance with a javascript triggering the microflow again as long as progress<100%. But that is all a lot more work and effort making the progress slower.


Hi Paul,

I did a widget to make this work, it was all happyness in Mendix 6, but with introduction of the stateless client it does not work any long. I did not find any work around to make this function work again.

The only way now, is to really commit a progress in the database, and let the client refresh with the Microflow Timer widget till the progress has completed.

Cheers, Andries