Creating helper entity associated with session

I am working on an app where I have created a helper entity. This entity is created for storing/holding the ‘access token‘ which I get after logging in to some third part authentication provider (e.g. Google, Facebook). Now each time user logs in, he will get that token and  I want that token to be referred throughout the application (for calling REST APIs). I can not store the token in database because application will be used by multiple users at the same time. So I want it to be limited for logged in user session.  What approach will you suggest for such scenario ?
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Isn’t it possible to associate the token to the user and limit it by logic for only one user and recreate it on each sign in? in that case you should be able to store the token on the datadase, sn’t it?

You could also associate it to the session of the user. But then you could have a lot of objects on the session.