Nanoflow retrieve returns empty but object is in DB and DB transaction is ended

In a nanoflow I create one object that, via a post commit event, starts a microflow. The microflow creates and commits an object of another entity (with no events) and the microflow ends (I know from the logs).   After that microflow ends when I retrieve the 2nd object via nanoflow it’s empty and when I retrieve it from another microflow it’s there.   Any idea why? I assume nanoflows could see the object after it is committed and the transaction ends just like microflows, but it doesn’t seem that way.
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Seems like a bug in the nanoflow's activity 'retrieve'. Possibly caused by some Mendix caching mechanisme. Nanoflows are still a new technology and nanoflows do not use the same code as microflows, so childdiseases are likely. Best raise a support-ticket for this.