Export mapping not converting associated objects to string

Hi, I have a json structure as bemow. {     "source": {         "type": "Polarion",         "instance": "aaa",         "project": "drivepilot"     },     "namespaceName": "polarion:ChangeRequest",     "previewUri": "http://aaa:82/polarion/#/project/drivepilot/workitem?id=DP-19599",     "dataUri": "subterra:data-service:objects:/default/drivepilot${WorkItem}DP-19599",     "attributes": [         {             "name": "polarionWorkItem:type",             "value": "changerequest"         },         {             "name": "cockpit:title",             "value": null         },         {             "name": "cockpit:identifier",             "value": "DP-19599"         },         {             "name": "cockpit:owner",             "value": "System Administrator"         },         {             "name": "cockpit:assignee",             "value": null         },         {             "name": "cockpit:created",             "value": "2019-07-23T04:52:26.5420000Z"         },         {             "name": "cockpit:modified",             "value": "2019-07-23T04:52:26.6150000Z"         },         {             "name": "cockpit:project",             "value": "drivepilot"         },         {             "name": "cockpit:status",             "value": "Open"         }     ] }   I have created an export structure as   So when I convert the mendix object corresponding to this json to string using the export mapping it just has following attributes. It does not convert the associated objects to attributes. "namespaceName": "polarion:ChangeRequest",     "previewUri": "http://aaa:82/polarion/#/project/drivepilot/workitem?id=DP-19599",     "dataUri": "subterra:data-service:objects:/default/drivepilot${WorkItem}DP-19599", I am using Mendix studio pro 8 beta 2 version. Thanks, Pallavi
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