Can you cancel a running microflow within an app

Hi, Is it possible to allow a user to cancel a microflow from within the app. For example if a microflow is running for too long or has somehow got stuck in a loop etc. I know that you are able to do this from the portal but that requires a developer to do it
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Not possible directly from within the actual app I think, but you can do it indeed in the cloud platform.

You can also give other (non-developer) users access to the cloud portal, so it doesn't neccesarily have to be a developer



    }catch(Exception e){

You can also iterate through the action stack to get a specific Microflow or Action to interrupt. Alternatively throw an exception if its not handled anywhere up

I still dont know what the M2EE service call is for interrupting a thread, but thats also something to look into

Build a test interface using the following to create non persistable thread rows


Stored in one of the fields can be the id, and then you can write an action to get a thread by an id value. You can also push a microflows thread into this list with an action at its start, flag those, and automate termination of such threads via a scheduler or something.