Menu Bar instead of button

Hi, I like to use a self created menu bar instead a button to open a page. For this I have to pass the current object using microflow to the page to be opened. I’ve got the error: Parameter 'Interaction' of the selected microflow does not match available arguments. No arguments are available. Property 'On click' of menu item ''Menu 'Interaction_0_Menu'CoreModule Shall I retrieve the Entity “Interaction” with an Xpath constrain for current object? What is the right expression then?  The reason why I like to use menu bar is: The menu placed in the header will not disappear by scrolling the page.  Thanks for your help. Alex
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Hi Alex,

you're probably calling the microflow from a page where there is no Interaction object on the page.

Either make sure the button is on a view/grid where you can call the interaction entity/parameter or if you want it to be called from a menu item retrieve it in the microflow.