Convert a column of a list of entity to a comma separated string...

Hi, I have a “List of <TagEntity>” which has a column “Name” and I need to pass this list to a REST call, for that i have to create a comma separated string of this list. e.g. List of TagEntity (stored in a Variable, fetched by “Retrieve Objects” Action): Name ====== “Input” “Output” “Power” “Test” ==> I need to convert this rows to a string for my REST-Call ==>  ‘["Input", "Output", "Power", "Test"]’ Is there a function to do this? or how can i perform this… hope someone can help me with this issue (I am new to Mendix). regards, Andreas
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Ok, i got it! It can be done with a “Loop”.

Fetch list from database; Create an empty String variable; Loop; Add Iterator-Item to string; ...