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Hi Team, Can you let me know how can I get the information of role of the user which is logged in.    How can I retrieve logged in user role informaiton in microflow.   Thanks
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To answer your question " Thanks, Please let me know how can I idetify that logged in user is admin? ”

You can try the following retrieve:


Or retrieve all roles associated, retrieve admin role and check the list if the admin role is present.


Retrieve from database or retrieve by association, this will return the list of user roles of the user calling the specific Microflow


Hi rafaqat,

As seen in the Domain Model below of the System module, UserRoles are associated with the default User entity.

The UserRole entity defines the user roles as seen in your Project Security. Additionally, User Roles contain an association grantableRoles, which allows you to further figure out which module roles the given user role grants.


I do however suggest that you try look at the following question answer by Kees de Kraker, as it provides an easy way to determine if your current user has a given User Role: