Count number of objects per day

I have an entity called Requests, it have a status(Approved, rejected, submitted), a ‘Routename’(x, y, z), a date, and few other things.  Basically, the user create a request to use a specific route(routename) in a certain day. And a manager approve or reject it.  I’d like to calculate how many approved requests a ‘routename’ had per day. Is it possible? For now, I was only able to count the requests in general, not per day. Attached how the microflow is rn.
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If you want the figures for a certain day, you can modify the Retrieve at the beginning of your microflow so it only retrieves a single date (the Xpath would look something like *dateAttr* >= '[%BeginOfCurrentDay%]' and dateAttr <= '[%EndOfCurrentDay%]')

If you want more than one day, maybe a week or month, you can create an entity to hold the daily totals and then populate that with a loop that goes through the days you want to report on.  You’ll likely need to build this loop yourself, using gateways, instead of using the built in Mendix loop.

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