Change contents List view on button click

I have a list view and I want to change the contents of the table on button click. So I have two buttons, Button 1 and Button 2. I have a single ListView. I have a microflow which will give me either Data1 or Data2 which needs to be binded to the ListView. The decision depends on the button click. How can I achieve this?
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What you can do is have a boolean attribute to the entity be named something like toggle, and create a microflow which changes the value of the attribute from true to false. Then inside of your listview you add a constraint which only shows values where the toggle attribute is equal to true.


It might not be the prettiest solution since you have 2 different data sets, but if you use this same principle you could have a page with 2 different list views each displaying the data they are supposed to show, but which have conditional visibility based on the value of the attribute "toggle" which i just described, and your microflow would simply change the value of toggle so that when you hit it it would hide one list view and show the other one.