How to call a microflow from Native Mobile App??

Can we call a microflow from native mobile app? I don’t find any widget to call the microflow from native page. Is Native mobile app designed only for offline mode? how can we build online native app’s using Mendix 8 and above? Is there any sample app provided for online scenarios?    
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In Mendix 8, all apps are offline first. That means no more online apps, and no calling Microflows from apps. If you really need to rigger a Microflow to perform some background logic, you can add an event Microflow for an entity (before commit, etc.). Then when you change this entity with a Nanoflow, the Microflow will be triggered on the server, once you synchronize your data. However, you won’t be able to interact with the UI or User in this Microflow, so this is only useful for triggering background logic, that can only be performed in a Microflow (vs. a Nanoflow). If, for example, a change to some of the data in your app needs to trigger a webservice call (so the data can be updated in another location), you could add this webservice call in an after commit Microflow.