Listview data based on previous Listview

I’m trying to create listview which is dependent on previous ListView. Listview1 <-------* ListView2      (1 to many association) So, when I click a particular row in Listview1, the rows associated ListView2 get displayed.  As far as I know, passing of that clicked row data of Listview1 is required in Microflow expression which than loop over the ListView2 actually data and display in ListView. But, I’m not able to get, how can I pass clicked row in ListView1 as JsonObject in Microflow expression.  
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On one side of your page you have listview 1, on the other side you have a dataview that listens to the listview 1 widget. Within that dataview, you will put your listview 2 where:

listview2object_listview1objext/Listview2Object is the entity path


listview2object_listview1objext = '[%CurrentObject%] is the xpath.


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