Fill in the value of a text box dynamically with a Microflow

Hello all, I have an use case where the User have to insert an length. And a tolerance is related to this length. Now the User press a Button which starts a microflow to get the Tolerance depending on the length. This Tolerence should diplayed in an other text box in the Bottom of the same Pop Up Site, where the User inserts the length. When this workflow is done, the User can press the save button and save it to the database. But with my Microflow the tolerance is already saved to the datatbase as new row and not displayed in the Pop Up. Are there any ideas to solve this Problem ?    Many thanks in advance! Jan
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Hello Jan,

You could change one of your entity’s fields or change/add a referenced object which is to be shown on the page (for example something that you’ve set up in a listview).

The key is to refresh the page object once you’ve completed all that. And if you’re referencing objects in a listview or grid via Xpath or DB make sure to commit them.

Hope this helps