Import Mapping not working after 5 layers

Hi, I am using the JSON displayed below. As you can see it goes quite a few layers deep, when I pass it through the JSON structure and the Import Mapping tools, it only creates entities up to the item with AssetName named level 4. Is there a way to access the Level5 item? {"ReturnCode":1,"Message":"","Body":[ {"AssetId":"38cf5c2a7cc3424d89dd7eb2863c0aa1","AssetName":"Level1","children":[ {"AssetId":"5c226c842591442d9703c72f9b390898","AssetName":"Level2","children":[ {"AssetId":"24780776d6024733a7827d00a7c454e6","AssetName":"Level3","children":[ {"AssetId":"7f891bf24d0844198476dd6cf6d45121","AssetName":"Level4","children":[ {"AssetId":"8e376355d13f4d14861276a0acd2eae6","AssetName":"Level5","children":[]} ]} ]} ]} ]} } In the JSON structure, all the levels are visible:   In the import mapping, also a subset is handled. I wanted to try to use a second Import Mapping to do the extra layer, and having the first Import Mapping turning the level5 item but I couldn’t make this happen. Am I on to something or is there some other way? I also thought of a Java Action but I need a POC quickly and I don’t think I have enough experience handling Mendix objects to build this in a day or two. Thank you, Sebastien
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Hi Sebastien,

The reason you are not getting Level5 item is because you did not select this in you import mapping, see the screenshot below;

Hope this helps!