Passing parameters to microflow or to another page

Hi, I am developing a application in which i want to display city details so i am using a web service for that. I want to ask two questions 1.  I have created a page from where i want to send the city name as a string or parameter to the microflow so that can be used as parameter in calling web service. I am using a list view which is connected to the database from where it is fetching the city name. I want that city name to be passed to the microflow when user clicks on that city name link. But I am not able to pass that string.So if anyone could tell me how to pass that parameter to the microflow. 2.  How to pass that parameter to another page calling that same microflow and from that page the parameter should be passed automatically to the microflow. If anyone could tell me how to do it.
2 answers
  1. Do this:
  2. and have button Country view Ope a page on which you have a dataview with a page parameter for entity 'Country’

To display data you need to have an entity. You can transport values by objects. If you want to move your data from page a to page b you need to handover the object. You can do this by a microflow or you have a open page action on page a and the open page button is in the area from your object eg data view.