Passing object from 1 data grid to another Data grid

I’ve 2 Datagrid. In first one data is coming from rest. I want, whenever I click a row in 1st datagrid it gets added to 2nd DG(Values and Target are default values).   DG1 correspond to Entity_1 and DG2 correspond to Entity_2. Both DG are inside Entity_1 (else getting parameter error in Microflow requirement ). Values(10) and Target(22) are default values(Dont worry about these values). aadfa   I’ve created following MF which is called by action button in DG1 and DG2 fills its values. Here Entity_1 points to clicked row  in DG_1. The values are correctly passed to MF from DG1, but the DG2 is not getting updated.
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One way to solve this would be to create an entity and set DG2 get data from database with the created entity.

When you call the microflow you populate the entity and choose commit and refresh in client. If you only want one object of this entity you could make sure to delete any old ones at the start of the microflow.

You could also use a list view for DG1 and let DG2 listen to the list with the built in functionality (listen to widget)