Using exclusive split for multiple condition

I am trying to use exclusive split for multiple conditions but i am not able to set the condition value i am only getting two conditions true and false. i want to split according to city name i.e is when the city name is LA it should go LA  activity, if city is Raleigh then it should go to Raleigh activity, if city is los angeles then it should go to los angeles activity, if city is San Francisco then it should San Francisco activity and so on. But i am not able to write correct expression and how to split using condition value. If anyone can tell what expression to write that it can go to different cities according the value.
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If you have the CityName as enumeration, you can use the exclusive split and have an outgoing sequence for every possible value of the enumeration. It seems like the amount of possibilities is limited, if so, an enumeration could make sense.

If you can’t use an enumeration, you need to use multiple splits.
CityName = LA? true → go to your action, false → go to next split ...


hey guys, i came across today in this form.. I hope you guys dont have the enumeration in decisions before. Now you can you enumeration in decision and it can split to as many as enum values you have in there plus an empty value. Apparently, you should be able to get split to all available enum options and an empty default and assign relavent activity.

Hope this helps.. i know this is too late to respond on this ticket, but should help someone who is looking for similar activity.



Why a different activity per city?

By doing it like your approach, then you have a hardcoded rigid model. I would opt for a flexible approach, where activity executes based on used value. 

But since its yet unclear whats happening in the activity, I cannot help you further.


It is indeed possible to use an Enumeration, but it has a few limitations.

One is that you have to process all outcomes (every Enum list items). This is not very clean if you already processed the one from the list before.

second, you cannot have an otherwise or else (so if you have a list of colors; blue, red and orange, you cannot say not Blue).

It would be great if there is a Java equivalent option:

if then, else if, else. Or Switch/Case Option..

I will suggest an idea for this.