Issues with Export Mapping in moving from V7 to V8, mapping no longer retrieving properly?

I’m testing a local copy of my app as we plan to transition from Mx 7 to 8. I’ve encountered an issue with my Export mapping that accepts a “Root” parameter, then in the mapping goes on to retrieve other objects to map to JSON before sending the REST call. The issue is that the JSON being created from this mapping doesn’t include the data for the retrieved objects from within the mapping (therefor causing failures in our API calls). Only Root is populated. However, in the microflow where the REST action using this parameter/mapping is called, if I make a retrieve action against that parameter for the objects I would retrieve in the mapping, it then works properly, despite these retrieves in the microflow not being used as parameters. I hope this makes sense, I’ve attached some images to explain what I mean My export mapping: Microflow 1, which fails, only inserting data from Root2 parameter Microflow 2, which succeeds, inserting data from the retrieved objects in the flow, which SHOULD be retrieved in the mapping Has anyone encountered this kind of issue before? Is it something that’s occurred due to moving from 7 to 8? Or something that’s been changed that I am totally missing? Banging my head against a wall here, any help is greatly appreciated.
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Follow up: here’s an example of the succesful JSON;

{"Context":{"OriginalScreeningHash":"hash","ScreeningHash":"hash","GlobalParameters":{"$G_IndirectlyLinked":false,"$G_Username":"USERNAME","$G_Age":22,"$G_IsWinterSport":1,"$G_TripDuration":5,"$G_LeadTime":4,"$G_DirectlyLinked":false,"$G_Regions":"4","$G_CancellationCostId":0,"$G_IsAnnual":1},"SelectedConditions":[]},"SearchPattern":"back pa"}

And here’s the  unmapped/failed JSON;

{"SearchPattern":"back pa"}