Pop Up not closing after URL Redirect

I am calling a popup page from a microflow where page have url redirect widget which works fine to open new page in new windows, but pop up doesn’t close by itself even I tried close page activity inside microflow.  I also tried to use Java script like below setTimeout(   () => {      document.getElementByClassName("close").click();;       },  5000 );        --------------------------------- where close is class name of close page sign of Pop up page     
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Maybe I misunderstand your scenario, but it reads like you are using microflow A to open popup A in which you have a redirect widget to open popup B and are looking for a way to close popup A?

you already tried the close page action in microflow A, right?



I have found solution


1- Added a close page button with random class myButton,  no need to add in CSS style file

2- use below code

  () => {
    },  5000 );

as getting list so [0] will give the first from my clicked list and will close the pop up after 5 seconds