How to call microflow from nanoflow?

I am working on a scenario where on a button click, i want to perform two things; Open a web link in separate tab Call a Microflow with input parameter.   I am using studio pro 8.1. For first action. I wrote a Nanoflow which calls a Javascript action for opening a webpage. Within the same Javascript action, I am calling Microflow mentioned as a step 2 above. I have published REST service through which this Microflow is accessible. Task of Microflow is to take session data and call some third party REST API. If I trigger this Microflow form somewhere else, it gets session data and it works fine. However, if i call microflow as published rest service from javascript, it does not get the session data.  How can i call Microflow from Nanflow or vice versa so that i will no need to call Microflow as published rest service and it will get session data? Please suggest some alternative approach if any.
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A trick I use is to commit a non persistent object with a before commit microflow. 

You can find more details in this blog post



Mendix just released version 8.2. that supports calling a microflow from a nanoflow without having to resort to tricks –


Whoop, whoop!!