Entity After Commit Microflow actions and Data Grid Refresh.

I have a Page with Page Parameter A I then have a Data View B generated from a Microflow. In Data View B I have a Data Grid C, based on association with Data View B. I am trying to bring in some kind of event triggers to the Data Grid C. I have kind of achieved this using the entity (source of C) “Before Commit” event to set the attributes of the entity into a temporary non-persistable entity. I can then evaluate in the “After Commit” event whether any and which attributes have changed value. The problem I have is, if for example a person’s name is changed in C, I need to trigger another microflow to change their charge rate (same entity different attribute). I can successfully detect the name change, and change the charge rate value but I am unable to refresh the data grid (C) to show these changes. I have tried commits, (ensuring refresh client is enabled), change object (same), Java Actions in Community Commons (refreshClass and refreshClassbyObject) for both the entities behind B and C, but I cannot see the changes whatever I do. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas? Steve
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