How can I access to Administration Entity in my Microflow

Hi Everyone,    I am creating an app based on this learning path : I would like to create microflow based on the tutorial at this step, but I can’t access to “Administration” Entity in my microflow ( create object activity)   This is what I get :   Can anyone help me how to fix this issue ? Thanks in advance,   Best regards Charles
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Hello Charles,

The last option in your dropdown is what you are looking for (Vacation_Submitter) and you can assign an account to that.

Edit: I see now where you’ve gone wrong. You've created submitter and approver entities. You submitter and approver associations should be connected to the account entity instead.

Go to your domain model, double click the entity, go to the associations tab, remove the current associations, and then add them as associations to Account.

Hope this helps 


Hello Dragos, 

Thank for feedback

What I look for is Administration Entity because within “Create New object” window, I would like to create a “ New member” throughout  “Edit change item” . And there, I can’t add “Administrator.Account “ as member type like in the first screeshot.