SAML Single Sign On and Microsoft Azure AD

Has anyone been able to use the SAML module to SSO with Azure AD?  I am so close to getting it working but can’t figure it out.  I am using the SAML module from the App Store,, the last 7 version. The error I get is “The selected principal key urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.3 in the configuration, is not available in the response”.  In English, that seems to mean it was expecting the “mail” attribute in the response but it wasn’t there.  However, I can look at the response and it is there.  I believe there may be a formatting issue between what SAML module is looking for and what Microsoft Azure AD returns.   I have tried mapping to display name and same error (except for the urn oid of display name.) Has anyone gotten this to work?  Any tips you remember on getting the 2 to talk to each other?
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Try using the NameID for the identifying assertion type. With Azure / Office 365 I always use that one.