List view display record

I have a scenario in which i am using a data view and a list view in it. Basically what it does is, fetch all the requests from entity and displays records. List has Box number, Item number and request Each box and item number can have many requests. I want to show item and box number once if it is being repeated. For example,if box14 with item number 3 has four requests then  Box number | item number | request      box14                 3                      r1                                                           r2 This is how i want to show it. Is there any way?
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You could have a wrapper object around your list view (It can be non-persistable). Add your search fields as attributes to your wrapper object and refresh it on search. Now you can have a datasource microflow/nanoflow for your listview that is retrieving the list of objects based on the data in your search fields.